Sage Raceway LLC

Drag Racing for the Whole Family!

Super Pro

Car & Driver must meet Track Safety and Class requirements. 
Delay boxes permitted.
Computers  permitted
Trans-brake permitted.
Line Lock permitted.
Automatic  shifter permitted.
Throttle control permitted.
Rev Limiters
Two steps permitted. 
Tow vehicles permitted.  
8.0 and quicker. 


Car & Driver must meet Track Safety and Class requirements.  
No Delay Boxes permitted. If you have a delay box/throttle stop, etc. in your car, you will be in the Super Pro Class.
Trans Brake permitted.
Line Lock Permitted
Automatic Shifter is permitted.
Throttle Controller/Throttle Stop/Starting Line Enhancer NOT permitted.
Rev Limiters/Two Steps permitted.
No tow vehicle
9. 9.0 & quicker


Drivers and vehicle must meet all track safety requirements.
Drivers must have helmet, long pants and long sleeve jacket.
No Trans Brakes.
No delay boxes or throttle stops.
Slicks permitted.
7.0 and slower.
No water burnouts with street tires. Excluding drag radials and ET street tires.

Sage Raceway Fees

Come Join the Fun!

Age 12-64 $10
($20.00 Special Feature/Event Weekends)
Kids under 12 Free!
65+ $5.00 (Disabled Vets Free)
($10.00 Special Feature Weekends)
Crew members: Spectator fees apply
Racers Fees:
Test -n- Tune $35
Quick 8 (6.00) – $150
Super Pro $50
Pro $50
Sportsman $35
High School $30
Jr. Dragster $25
Diesel $25
Bikes & Sleds $25

The History of Sage Raceway LLC

Terry grew up racing, decided that Idaho Falls needed a race track. Feeling the rumble of the engine and hearing the roar of the crowd, the 71-year-old is once more a restless teenager – ready to take on the world. “When you get up in there, and you’re in the staging lanes and you’re next to the burnout box, I don’t care who you are, you’re 18 again,” Ray said. “Boy, your adrenaline is going and you’re ready to open up a can of whoop ass on somebody.” Ray grew up racing, but gave up the hobby once he started a family.

After his children grew up and moved out of the house, Ray decided he wanted to try his hand again. He already owned more cars than he could count and his business, Rayco Plating in Rigby, features a shop where he does restoration and modification work. The only problem was the Pocatello track where he once raced had closed down. The next closest track to Idaho Falls is in Anaconda, Mont. So two years ago, Ray started searching for land to build his own drag strip. The strip will be called Sage Raceway. So now it is a reality!

Review the Track rules!