Information about the track and local area.

Rules of Sage Raceway

All NHRA rules apply.   In addition, these are Sage Raceway Rules:

  1. No stakes, rods or any other objects authorized in asphalt.  (No pounding stakes in asphalt).
  2. No glass containers of any type.
  3. No “Hot Doggin” any kind of vehicle at any time.
  4. No solvents of any kind.   Use car cleaner to clean parts or catch your oily mess in a pan and take it home.
  5. Children are welcome if they behave.   People do not pay money to come and tolerate unruly children.
  6. Any un-sportsman type conduct, men or women will not be tolerated and will be asked to leave the property.
  7. Trash receptacles are handy, please help us keep the track property clean.   Littering will not be tolerated.   You are a guest in Agriculture land, please respect the farmer’s crop/land.   Abuse of our special permit can be grounds for revoking our permit!!!
  8. 5 MPH max on all vehicles on track property.   this includes cars, pickups, ATV’s, golf carts, motorcycles and tow vehicles.   Emergency vehicles and track vehicles are exempt.
  9. No food or drink will be brought to the track property.   The track makes money by selling food and drink, please support our concessions.
  10. Passengers in vehicles allowed for 8.60 or slower in eighth-mile. Passengers must be 16 or older, possess a valid driver’s license and NHRA Snell-approved helmet.   Passengers not allowed during competition.
  11. NHRA rule on tinted windows is nothing darker than factory tint
  12. Burnouts across starting line for high school or sportsman class not permitted.
  13. All safety equipment will be on until after you pick up your time slip.
  14. Drivers may only enter one class per car.
  15. Two drivers may not enter same car in two classes.
  16. Cars and trucks will race each other, motorcycles and snowmachines will race each other, insurance dictates, plus not safe for the smaller vehicle.
  17. Alcoholic beverages and driving do not mix.  Wait until racing is complete and done for the day before drinking.   Alcohol is not authorized in staging lanes, on the track or in the return lanes.   Drivers caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to drive anymore that day!!!
  18. Drivers must:   1)   Have proof of valid drivers license.   2.  Have proof of NHRA license and membership in cars quicker than 6.39. 3.  Have an NHRA approved helmet.  4. Wear all NHRA approved safety equipment in the vehicle required by E.T. 5. Must act in a safe manner. 6.  The driver is responsible for Pit Crew and Family members.
  19. Tech. Cards.   New tech cards will be issued each weekend.   You must complete, front and back, sign and pass tech, inspection and must bring your tech card to the tower for entry in the computer before any passes are made on the track.
  20. Time Trials.   Will be run prior to competition racing.  Number of times will depend on time and weather.
  21. Race Number. Race numbers required.   If not a member of NHRA, which assigns a number racer will be assigned a number for that weekend by the track at a cost of $10.00 for the weekend.
  22. Dial in Times.   Dial in Times can be changed at any time prior to passing head of staging, then Dial’s are final.  dial in’s are controlled by competition class.
  23. Time only.   Put T/O in the window, have tech card in the tower for drivers.   Time permitting runs T/O cars, trucks, bikes or snowmachines, be ready when called to the line.
  24. Lane Choice.  A flip of the coin or competition runs dictate.   The faster of two vehicles does not automatically get lane choice.
  25. Reruns.   The same vehicle, driver, and lane will be used.   Any deviation will be auto-disqualification.   Sage Raceway rules apply.
  26. Pets.   Pets are best left at home but if they are a must, owner responsibility to control.   Enough said.
  27. No drones of any kind allowed on Sage Raceway property or air space.   Due to the safety hazard, this will be strictly enforced.
  28. No vehicles, trailers or shelters will be left in the pit area (bought spots) upon conclusion of racing on Sunday.   They will have to be moved to open pit parking if left on track property.  This allows maintenance of pit spots (water and mowing).   The track is not responsible for personal property left at the track.
  29. Drivers on the left have right-of-way at the end of the track.
  30. Upon completion of one run on the track, no refunds or any kind allowed for that day.
  31. In the event of canceled races due to rain, wind or other nature related incidents, race coupons will be issued for future race days.  Once the track is prepped and personnel in place for racing, no refunds.
  32. Vehicles faster than 6.39 in the eighth are required to have an approved diaper or pan. 2010 vehicles and newer will be on a case by case basis, track will determine requirements.
  33. The track manager will ultimately have the final decision on unresolved issues.
  34. Camping is free and I don’t mind them staying over night on Saturday night but be gone by 10 A.M. Sunday morning,

The important thing here is to enjoy ourselves and have a memorable time in a safe manner and go home to our families each night.   Drag racing is a “dangerous sport” so please obey all safety rules, those rules are to keep you safe!!!!   You are an important person in our world and we want to see you come back again for another day of fun.  NO SUCH THING AS A SAFE DRAG RACE.

Thanks for coming….Terry Ray

Good place to eat?

North Hi-way Cafe- 4600 Northgate Mile 208-522-6212

Cedric’s – 1260 W. Broadway 208-524-2483

O’Brady’s – 1438 W. Broadway 208-523-2132

Where should we stay?

Some hotels/motels available in the area

Candlewood Suites – 665 Pancheri Drive 208-525-9800

Motel 6 – 1443 W. Broadway 208-522-0112

Hampton Inn – 2500 Channing Way 208-529-9800

Do we have food and drinks at the track?

Yes, we have food and drinks.