Special Feature Weekend

$3000 Race

1st Place - Chris Neal

2nd Place Mike Volmer

3rd Place tie

Carla Greenough & Allan Steinmetz



2020 Season Opener

SPORTMAN - Mickey Main

PRO - Curtis Robbins

S. Pro - Paul Eddins

Bike - Bruce Mastia

Jr. Dragster - Morgan Main

Gambler Race Sunday

Chris Neal



July 24th Race  Weekend



Sage Blowout Race

August 9th and 10th


Bike & Sled Shootout-

July 24th


Gasser Race Winners July 13th racing (finish up on July 24th)


June 22nd, 2019


Opening Weekend May 10th, 2019

Special events

Weekend Races will include Special performances like Ed Jones.  The Jelly Belly Stagecoach and Fire Truck.    Ed "The Outlaw" Jones’ has been Wheelstanding for over 40 years and making "The Outlaw" one of the finest exhibition Wheelstanders around.

Wheelstanding the entire length of a drag strip on two wheels, is truly unique. Once Jones lifts the front wheels off the ground, two rear wheel hand brakes guide the cars down the strip as titanium skid bars make sparks fly. Headers shoot 20 ft. flames containing a secret ingredient which enables fans to smell Jelly Belly Candies.